It is fact that real estate has been growing immensely in past few years. As per the recent survey, it is anticipated that everyone will have a house by end of 2025. So, the question is where will these houses come from?

Real estate developers are at its peak point where almost every day 1 million houses are sold and bought. These houses can be in form of apartments, tenements, bungalows, condos, villas etc. It is also estimated that 40% of country’s population will live in cities by end of 2025. Having said that, managing infrastructure is becoming difficult.

epartment is the one of top apartment management software that provides tools to manage today’s infrastructure problems efficiently. It provides various features and functionalities that help committee members of residents in co-operative housing societies, resident welfare associations. epartment’s apartment management software helps in managing infrastructure seamlessly. epartment doesn’t only provide a solution for committee members but drastically helps residents as well. In this blog, we are going to learn more about what features and functionalities are required for best apartment management using the software.

Resident Information –

It is important to capture, track and maintain the details of every resident in the society. This feature will help during flat transfers, buying and selling of houses. Plus, it will have past details of residents whether it is owners or tenants. It will have it all. This simple feature will help in capturing multiple information which is most essential. Epartment provides best apartment management software in 2018 which is very simple and easy to use that captures all the resident information with ease.

Collection and Payments –

One of the key areas in society management whether it is home owner association or co-operative housing society, resident welfare association or any apartment management community. Collection and payments in apartments has been a hassle since day one. Now this problem is easily resolved using epartment’s hassle free apartment management software through collection and payments modules. Committee members will be able to generate maintenance bill for residents and send it electronically. Not only that but it will also allow society presidents to keep a good track of all the expenses in apartments.

Visitor management –

Security has been a topmost issue in almost every management of society and apartment. epartment’s gatekeeper app is very simple and easy to use application crafted keeping in mind the building security officials ability to understand and capture the details of visitors seamlessly. With visitor management app for apartment, not only the entries are made electronically but it also sends the intimation to the resident giving them a prior intimation of the visitor. This is a dedicated app that comes with epartment’s apartment management software bundle.

Vehicles –

It’s true that every household has more than one vehicles today. That means that we need more parking space. So, we build the parking space in our apartment basement or ground floor. Having good parking space in the apartment is just not enough. Managing parking space and all the vehicles that are on the move day in day out has to be managed well. The simple solution is the apply sticker on vehicles and keeps an entry of vehicles Vs the number of parking spots available.In situations like ‘don’t know whose vehicle it is parked in front of your vehicles wherein you are getting late to the office’- apartment management software helps drastically in fix issues like this.

Communication –

Right information at right time can be very helpful. We often do things or want to do things in our apartment community but it goes unnoticed or very low participation. Suppose, you are organizing an event for a festival where you want maximum participants to be part of it. You have spread the word of mouth and started sticking posters and stickers with info notices in elevators, lobbies, notice boards but it all goes in vain if no one reads it notices it. This is the place where apartment management software can be really miraculous. You can send maintenance reminders to residents via app notification or email or SMS also, you can send any kind of important communication within the community. Since this message is directly delivered to the right person, the message is very clear and strong.

Helpdesk –

Have you ever faced a situation where you want to report dirty lobby to the society management and you don’t whom to go? Or even if you know you don’t know how to report it properly? Let’s say, on a Sunday morning you went out to wash your car and you came to know that the water supply is stopped in the block. What would you do? Similarly, there are many issues that residents and home owner associations face on day to day basis. Transparency and communication is important here along with accountability. Hence a good apartment management software having helpdesk for residents app and well-organised way to manage complaints, suggestions, and queries is really important. epartment provides this feature for free in the resident app.


Every community whether it is co-operative housing society, home owner association, resident welfare association or any other community. Having best apartment management software is very important in today’s fast-moving world. epartment’s free apps does the job of everything that you need and serves the purpose.