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Remember those prolonged and frustrating meetings, discussions, arguments trying to reach conclusion on any infrastructure issue, complaints, income and expenses, communication, parking issues, regulations and policies, notices etc. Literally, we spend an enormous amount of time and money not only on weekends but also during weekdays and still not everyone is on the same page. We provide one-stop Solution


How we help?

epartment is the easiest and simple to use apartment management software freely available to use. We are a group of enthusiasts living in the urban culture facing many problems on the day-to-day basis one of them is society management. Especially, maintenance billing. We realize that there are many society management software available in the market today but the problem is that they are very complicated and provides a way too much detailing which makes the associations confused. Hence, we wanted to make apartment management software which is easy and simple to use because most of the users may not be very computer savvy or face difficulty in managing maintenance dues.

This is where we decided to create a software which not only solves resident welfare association accounting problems but also interacts with residents using a free app for both owners and tenants. Committee members often face a lot of accounting issues compiling data of full year and spending hours of productive time.

We provide a comprehensive software solution for commercial, residential complexes, societies, and apartments. We understand the day-to-day challenges faced by property owners, tenants, committee members, office staff, board members, accountants, auditors, security etc. epartment is a complete platform for commercial and residential complexes adhering to the needs of apartment association, resident welfare association, and co-operative housing society.