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Apartment and Housing Society Accounting & Billing Software

Imagine if your society would get such an Apartment Accounting Software that will not only collectively store the details of your expenses, payments, bills and invoices but will also manage all the apartment finances and handle online payments. With this way, you can radically save your time in fulfilling other needs of the society, leaving full accounting formalities up to date for further reference in future.

With Epartment’s GST Compliant Housing Society Accounting & Billing Software, accounting for apartment complexes now get much easier than what it used to be. Our Apartment Billing Software can manage all your Society Accounting requirements, be it apartment finances, handle online payments, auditing, Society Billing and invoices. With such a flexible system of GST Accounting Software for Apartment, it gets a lot easier to manage the apartment accounting and auditing of the apartment.

Besides managing the income and expenses associated with the society, GST Compliant Housing Society Accounting & Billing Software can also keep a track of defaulters and penalties, keeping every single data intact for future use along with easy set up of Income Heads- such as distinguishing between income from resident and non-resident, tracking of post dated cheques, importing data, printing the invoices, sending the e-receipt automatically etc.

Income and Expenses

The biggest fear that rests with the societies is unplanned expenditures in the areas of least interests. As the society is big and the number of residents is large, there is also a great uncertainty in what might happen next. Therefore, Epartment provides its highly functional GST Accounting Software for Apartment with which the societies can now manage their apartment financial at one place. GST Accounting Software for Apartment can set their monthly or annual budgets by category, recurring or one-time charges, therefore, curbing the over expenditure in future.

Our GST Compliant Housing Society Accounting & Billing Software is an effective tool in developing a healthy environment in the society as it allows full transparency between society management and residents. This helps them in bringing the two together, developing empathy, understanding and trust in all the aspects of their relationship as the coordinators/ managers and the fellow residents.

Apart from the assistance in setting the budget, our Apartment Accounting Software also generates collections and invoices, terms, and penalty for society members and vendors. This helps the treasurers to relax while our Apartment Billing Software tracks the maintenance charges and other incomes easily.

Defaulters and Penalties

When comes to the collections of payment, it is only wise to expect some delays and default payments that may arise due to various reasons. However, due to the involvement of such a massive number of residents in a society, it only seems impossible to track down the list of the defaulters. It is only with an effective Society Accounting system that this entire list can be prepared with ease without much manual assistance.

In order to assist the administrators and managers of a society, Epartment has introduced an efficient Apartment Billing Software that automatically calculates late penalty charges and sends a notification to defaulters for payment request. With this Apartment Accounting Software, the defaulter is brought into notice about the delay and the actions that can be taken in case of further delay, such as levying penalty or other such additional charges.

Further, if the member still doesn’t make a move in the suggested direction by our GST Compliant Housing Society Accounting & Billing Software, the Society Management can set penalty based on fix amount or percentage. Depending on the requirement, calculation can be set for one-time for monthly recurring. In fact, type of charges can also be set for customization.

Online Payments

We know that managing cash is a challenging and laborious task for society management team. Our system allows residents to pay maintenance and other bills online using payment wallets, credit/debit card, and net banking. The receipt can be generated automatically once payment is successfully initiated so you can focus on things that is important for society. Learn More

Bills and Invoices

Making payment or collecting them is not the only place where societies often face problem but also in the case of generating the bills and invoices of the transactions. This is because, firstly, with every transaction, there are bills and invoices that are generated. Now, considering the amount of people that reside in one society, we can imagine how chaotic it must be to patiently wait every time when he makes the payment and then he waits when the bills are generated. This becomes repetitive and cumbersome to handle every month whenever the payment is made or collected and requires unnecessary involvement of the resources, which could otherwise be used for something more productive.

Therefore, to reduce this unwanted redundancy, Epartment provides a GST Compliant Housing Society Accounting & Billing Software that makes generating and issuing bills and invoices easy for society management team. With our GST Accounting Software for Apartment, the management teams of the society can easily generate invoices for society related work that reduces the human involvement to an extent. Thus, freeing up the resources to get engaged in more productive society related tasks.

Epartment’s phenomenal Apartment Billing Software also helps in integrating all your vendors in the apartment to view the due amount by various vendors. With this, you can reduce the chances of making double payments of the same transaction or skipping the payment completely. With this process oriented Society Accounting and Society Billing methods, payments to vendors can also be initiated via our system when signed by authorized person online.

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