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Apartment and Society management Softwares

Apartment Management System offered by Epartment simplifies, secures and brings in transparency between society members, staff, and the society management team in daily life through mobile app and web portal. This form of Apartment Maintenance improves the coordination and brings in well-structured, functional management system between the various facets of society management.

Our Apartment Society Management Software offers an extremely flexible interface with which the users can keep the entire apartment management system at their fingertip. This Society Management Software is user friendly, full of functionalities and multiple compatible features such as vehicle tracking, Visitor Management Software, tracking residents’ complaints, arranging festivals and events, album and photo gallery, Facility Management Software, Inventory Management and so much more!


Vehicle Tracking is one of the key responsibilities for security guards of an apartment. However, tracking the movement of each individual vehicle without any proper software can be excruciatingly painful, especially, when there are such a vast number of vehicles being used these days. In fact, due to the rising concerns of theft and damages, it has become vital to have such a Housing Society Management Software that can ensure the safety of the residents’ vehicle in a housing society.

The RFID based Vehicle Movement Tracking System provided by Epartment for the housing societies helps the security teams to keep a tab on all the vehicles, parking slots, open parking/ unallotted spaces, logs of all the changes in the parking slot etc without any manual verification or hardware. This Facility Management Software ensures the vehicle safety in the best way, making it convenient for both the security guards as well as the residents.

Visitor Management

One of the things that often bug the guests visiting the resident of an housing society is to wait outside in order to fill in all the details while the gatekeeper gets the confirmation whether the flat owner recognizes the guest visiting them or not. Not only is this process time-consuming but also gets annoying when a particular guest is a frequent visitor.

In order to avoid this cumbersome task, Epartment’s Visitor Management Software brings in some relief to the gatekeeper, resident as well as the guests or visitors with automated authentication. With this incredible Apartment Management System, residents’ can pre-authorize their guests for hassle-free entry at the gate. Besides, our technology pre-populates the details of the frequent visitors based on their mobile number, giving them easy access everytime.

Another reason why Epartment’s software is the Best Apartment Management Systems in the country is because besides offering seamless movement of the guests in the society, our software also keeps a track of the checkout as well as the duration of the stay of the guests in the apartment vicinity.

Helpdesk and Community

The Best Apartment Management Systems are those that efficiently eradicate the unnecessary human intervention and gives way to a simpler and simplified lifestyle. This also includes the maintenance of the resident’s privacy and timely solutions to his grievances. It is only when these things are appropriately handled that the Apartment Management System are conveniently accepted by any housing societies.

With Epartment’s flawless Society Management Software, residents can easily track their requests, complaints, and suggestions with our easy-to-use admin dashboard. In fact, admin can also set priority, resolve date, status and methods for a collaborative solution to any resident’s problem.

Another phenomenal functionality of our Housing Society Management Software is that residents have the access of the dashboard through which they can chat directly with the concerned authority and set ticket category as per suitability.Resident members can chat directly through dashboard and set ticket category.

Event and Festivals

Group events and festivals in a society are a common activity. It is indeed one of the things that residents look forward to having in their society to meet their social needs and share some time with the fellow residents. Considering its importance in a resident’s life, the society Apartment Maintenance teams always makes it a point that they keep organizing some events to maintain this interactive and positive flow in their society. However, management of an event at such a large scale can become really exhausting, confusing and messy.

Therefore, with Apartment Society Management Software, you can conduct society related events and common festivals easily. To bring everyone together, you can send notification via SMS, email, or a common app. Moreover, you can keep a tab on the visitor list, photo sharing and also mark the calendar to easily micro-manage every required task-at-hand and keep everyone posted about the same.

Letters And Documents

Using Apartment Society Management Software, the members and residents can gain access of the repository of uploaded files, including reference documents, passport, servant verification, domicile certificate, no-objection form for sale or bank, associate membership, nominations, electricity and gas bills, rental agreement, by-laws etc in just one click. Based on the requirements, the documents can be made accessible to All or the owners only.

This Society Management Software bifurcates the entire documents section into various heads, such as on the basis of name, document type, block letter, flat number, linked to, date of attachment, and the action taken on it. From personal documents like passport, Aadhar to the documents of the apartment, the members and residents can access anything using this Housing Society Management Software.

Staffs and Members

Using one of the features of our Society Management Software, you can manage user accounts of owners, tenants, and staff. Fill in the details of the apartment status to know about the availability of vacant flats. The apartment managers can fill in the details such as email, marital status, mobile number, member name, flat details etc of the apartments that are occupied. For more transparency, members can add documents in this dashboard.

This Apartment Maintenance tool is not only for the maintenance of data about the owners or residents, but also maintains a list of domestic help, cleaners, and security guards along with the verified documents of the relevant worker and attendance register online. So, having this tool and many more such as Inventory Management provided by Epartment are of great assistance, providing a common platform for almost every kind of Apartment Maintenance needs.

Albums and Photo Gallery

When you have the Best Apartment Management Systems to manage your apartment needs in the easiest manner, you are bound to have a lot of cherished moments to share with other residents. For sharing the photos and albums with other residents, one of the features of our Facility Management Software allows you to share photos. With it, you can share both privately and also with the members in your society.

In fact, Epartment gallery tool lets you save photos in different albums, as per your suitability. It also has the capability to upload multiple photos at once. So, using this incredible feature of our Inventory Management tools, share as many photos as you like from community events with neighbors and like and comment on them.

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