Gatekeeper app secures your home, family, and community

Real-Time Visitor Management system, residents get notified as soon as the visitor enters the premises.

Track visitors in realtime. And notify apartment owners with a single tap.

Monitor your water tank and prevent pilferage from Anywhere, anytime

Foolproof Staff Attendance Management (Household, Community Staff).

Visitor Tracking

  • Pre-authorize your guest for hassle-free entry at the gate. Epartment helps residents and gatekeeper to seamlessly allow guests, and visitors with automated authentication.

Our technology automatically pre-populates detail of frequent visitors based on the mobile number. This help saves time for both visitors and society management. Checkout visitors and track the duration of time he stays in the apartment vicinity.

Some extra features for more powerful security. 

Pre-Authorize Guests

for no intruders

Track Cab Entry/Exit

for security

Track Visitors Time

from app

Authorize Courier/Delivery

person easily

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