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Apartment and Society Maintenance Bills Online

These days, residential societies look forward to such digital solutions with which they can collect and pay all the bills online using a secure Payment Gateway for apartments without involving in the time consuming task of making payment using offline modes. In fact, due to the enormous size of these societies, the amount involved in Apartment Maintenance Dues is usually hefty, which is equally risky to pay monthly/ quarterly using the offline modes of payments.

To limit this risk, Epartment offers a full-proof secure payment system for all your apartment needs to support digital payments. Through this medium, you can easily Pay Society Maintenance Bills Online, Apartment Maintenance Dues, prepare financial reports using the bills generated online, manage the salary of staff and vendor, ensure secure Collection of Society Dues etc. Thus, this medium offers a hassle-free, relatively secure and time saving payment method to everyone.

However, even with digital payments, one of the major concerns that arise in the mind of the users is whether this mode is secure or not? But as we mentioned earlier, Eparment’s digital payment solution is a full-proof secure system that uses sophisticated tools for zero risk and fraud detection to ensure that all your transactions are safe and secure.

So, using this effective method, the coordinators can easily pay or even collect the required sum easily along with a proper management system that can save all the details of the transaction for future references. Using this facility, you can also collect festival ticketing charges from the customers to reduce any chances of human error.

Pay Maintenance Bill

With the rising number of fraudulent cases these days, a sense of security is bound to pervade an individual’s mind. But, the only solution to this problem is a secure system that can help you make your transactions successful without the involvement of any unnecessary mediators. Especially with the improvement in the lifestyle of people, the expenditures have increased and so has the cyber crimes online with the gradual movement towards online payment methods.

It is obvious that the chances of risk are potentially high when there is a hefty chunk of money involved. Due to this reason, Epartment offers a sophisticated Payment Gateway for apartments with which transactions can be made with safety and security. It is a fully legally compliant payment gateway for apartments that societies can rely on.

This kind of system uses refined tools for zero risk and fraud detection to ensure your all transactions are safe and secure making Collection of Society Dues a highly protected as well as simplified procedure. Besides, it gives society members and management teams the ability to fully utilize this tool to Pay Society Maintenance Bills Online.

Another vital aspect of our Apartment Maintenance Dues system is that when a society member successfully makes the payment using our system, the money auto credits into society’s bank account, issuing the invoice of the transaction at the same time without any delay, thus, cropping down the time in utilization of manual data fetching and invoice generation largely.

Financial Reports

Financial Reports are a vital element in the working of a society where timely analysis needs to be done on the expenditure and income patterns of the society to improve and smoothen its existing functioning system. This can help them to curb any unnecessary expenditure in order to use those funds in more productive and beneficial areas. This kind of analytical approach is only possible when the procedure to prepare financial reports is given utmost consideration along with the careful maintenance of every expenditure and income.

Since, in case of societies, it is obviously impossible to maintain every record on paper. Therefore, Epartment provides its Payment Gateway for apartments system that allows the society accountants or administrators to record and recall every transaction made. With this Apartment Maintenance Dues feature, they can prepare feature rich financial reports to make informed for the society that can further be used for improvements in the expenditure pattern of the society. This, in turn, removes any unnecessary movement of funds towards something more beneficial appropriate for the society’s development.

Apart from planning the future improvement goals for the society, the admins can actually generate payment reports to check the detailed list consisting of Collection of Society Dues and other payments by vendors, defaulters, date duration, services, pending, assets, transaction method, and collection. This can give them a collective detail of every expenditure made reducing errors in the process to a great extent.

Staff and Vendor Salary Management

It is true that machines have largely replaced the repetitive and cluttered work to give way to a smarter and efficient working space for human to use their brains. One such smart tool towards the management of funds for a society is also provided by Epartment that radically brings down the rate of repetitive tasks and reduces any chances of errors in the process. In fact, this system not only makes procuring the dues easier but also ensures the feasibility of all sorts of payments online including the salary of the staff and vendors, Collection of Society Dues, Apartment Maintenance Dues etc.

In a society, there are undoubtedly a large number of employees involved in the maintenance and management of the entire residential area. Therefore, we can imagine the difficulty in paying them their salaries every month without missing out any individual or getting the salaries interchanged with one another. While there are high chances of errors with offline payment modes, the same can be managed with the adoption of efficient Payment Gateway for apartment tools such as the one provided by Epartment. Through this, the administrators can either pay by cash or directly transfer to the accounts of the payee.

This Pay Society Maintenance Bills Online tool has various other impeccably useful features, such as it allows the Society management team to also shortlist vendor, hold payment and send bulk payment to multiple persons that cuts down the procedural hours to a great extent. Through this Epartment’s efficient payment and collection method, the money is automatically deducted from society’s bank account and gets credited to vendor or staff bank account.

Using this efficient tool, the administrators can not only significantly cut down the chances of any risks in case of heavy amounts due to human error or otherwise. But, they can also fetch the complete payment details at one place and use it further for the preparation of financial reports, use it as a valid proof of payment and maintain the records with the same.

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