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Apartment and Resident Information Management

Communication is an essential medium that is required in every aspect of our lives. Be it sharinginformation, news, ideas or feelings through any of the mediums- digital or physical. However, when there is large number of people involved in the communication system, it becomes difficult to maintain physical communication with every individual person at all points.

This is the reason why these days societies require an Apartment and Resident Information Management system that can build such a two-way interaction system, which can allow both the members of management committee as well as the residents to communicate easily via Resident Communication Software.

One such Apartment Residents Group Neighborhood App is introduced by Epartment which allows the Apartment Owners Group to easily make announcements, conduct survey & polls, discuss issues & problems, set meetings & event calendar etc.

Send reminders via SMS, Email and app notification

Using Epartment’s Apartment and Resident Information Management, the society administrators can now flexibly communicate with the residents of the apartment. They can send bulk messages to seamlessly communicate with society residents for group participation, society related decision making, sending an alert or just communicating latest information. They can even use sophisticated filtering options on multiple fields such as blocks, flat numbers, owners, residents and their combinations to easily broadcast relevant information to a select subset of members.

Apartment Owners Group can also create special interest groups with a dedicated mailing list to share information to sub-committees, task forces, hobbyists etc. This will help members to interact via email or through the portal giving way to a less cluttered main discussion forum.

One of most important benefits of this Apartment Residents Group Neighborhood App is that in case of emergencies or to communicate important messages urgently, administrators can instantly get in touch with the residents and update them about the impending situation. Apart from this, our Resident Communication Software can also automatically notify the residents about unexpected guests, problems, home deliveries and more – via text SMS, Email, or directly through in-app notifications.

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In case of general announcements, you can always send SMS or email alerts to the residents, but what about those days when there is an urgent notification that you need to send to all the residents in one go, without wasting any time. Having such a massive number of people in the society, going door-to-door to pass on the information or sending one message at a time can delay the urgent actions required in the moment of emergency.

Therefore, Epartment provides its Apartment Residents Group Neighborhood App with which the society owners can instantly broadcast the emergency message to each and every member, including the residents as well as the staff members at just a single click of a button.

This kind of broadcasting facility available in our Resident Communication Software can significantly improve communication system between the owners and residents. In fact, it can help in avoiding any sort of emergency situation without any delay in the required actions.

Unlike the information on the bulletin board of the apartment which has a greater scope of being missed out by a resident in a hurry to even notice, this system reduces such circumstances as every member of the society receives a message on their phone at the point of same time.

Surveys & Polls

Manual surveys are long, intense, time consuming and painstaking tasks that require extensive human efforts in executing the same. Every society needs such a system in their working schema that can not only reduce the manual efforts to a large extent but can also provide flexibility in conducting surveys and polls within the reduced time by cutting short the lengthy process into an automated setup of super-fast processing.

With Epartment’s Apartment and Resident Information Management system, the process of conducting new surveys and raising polls to the residents to ask them about the new and important society flow comes down to almost 3/4th of the time and efforts consumed earlier. Besides, this automated system requires least manual efforts.

Using this Apartment Owners Group system, polls can be created with multiple options to be voted for – whether only members or administrators along with many other options such as allowing only one vote per person to one of the available options, choosing the set of eligible voters (only residents, only owners, only committee members etc), anonymous polls, scheduling the polling date range, accumulating the entire data at one place and much more.

Discuss Issues & Problems

Discussions are a vital part of every individual’s life. It is only through the way of discussions and opinions that the problems can be confronted and resolved. However, a society is a place where people with different views and mind sets live together. It is also true that where there is diversity, there are bound to be disputes and problems. Besides, there can also be other kind of issues like with the facilities being provided or the suggestions to be placed to change something already existing. But, the question that rises is where do the residents voice their opinions and how would they know if it is worked upon?

To remove such glitches from the proper functioning of a society, Epartment has introduced its Apartment Residents Group Neighborhood App so that nothing is left behind when running your society building. With the use of the world’s simplest discussion platform, the Apartment Owners Group can ensure quick solutions and discussions of the problems in a healthy way for betterment of everyone in the society.

With this incredible and flawless Resident Communication Software, the society residents and apartment owners can now communicate and discuss issues that require quick solutions and settle down the issues within no time.

Meeting & Event Calendar

Every society of this world requires a platform where every resident member, working staff, and gatekeeper remains informed and on the same page, in the sense that they can save or view the society meeting schedule or the details about the upcoming events.

With a tool like this, they can avoid any kind of confusion and simply check out the event calendar. Such an Apartment and Resident Information Management tool is not only useful for the residents but also for the Apartment Owners Group who can easily mark the calendar for an upcoming event and update every flat member about it, without individually reaching them.

Thus, Epartment offers you its Resident Communication Software with the help of which you can update every upcoming society events, festivals, and agendas and the residents can view it. You can also mark the calendar and call everyone for urgent meetings using this Apartment Residents Group Neighborhood App. Apart from this the Apartment managers can also ensure Apartment and Resident Information Management by creating new meetings and sending out a reminder via SMS, Email or app notifications etc.

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