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We help society managers provide a superior experience to 1000+ residents across the globe

Streamline maintenance and operations.

Get building data and insights, seamlessly.

Keep everyone engaged and informed




Society Managers



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Streamline maintenance and operations.

Our central dashboard lets you track, search, and monitor everything like complaint tickets, staff, resident members and documents, letter generation, accounting and payments.

Our system is fully customizable according to the needs of apartment complex. epartment works like magic to save time, delight your residents, and give you the insights of your apartment that you need to tackle issues and avoid costly mistakes.

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Keep everyone engaged and informed.

The system automatically notifies residents, society managers, and staff, based on their roles. Get everyone in your community on track and up-to-date with a simplified communications process. The epartment tool lets apartment managers and staff communicate in real-time. 

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Notify people

Send custom notification to residents and staff inside app, or via SMS

Inform residents

Discuss everything about your apartment— effortlessly.

Handle Meetings

Schedule meetings to keep residents member and management team on same page

Keep your eyes on security & residents.

Track and manage vehciles, society residents, and guests using our intutive Gatekeeper and Resident App that help you maintain records of everyone entering society premises. Track duration of delivery people, and well as digitally track attendace of staff. 

Our system also monitor your water tank and prevent pilferage from Anywhere, anytime

Accounting and Auditing made easy

Income and Expenses

Manage your apartment financial at one place. Avoid over spending by setting monthly or annual budgets by category, recurring or one-time charges

Bills and Invoices

Epartments makes generating and issuing bills and invoices easy for society management team. With our software you can easily generate invoices for society related work.

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Everything your apartment needs

SMS and App Notifications

Management Analytics

Parking & Vehicle Management

Resident Portal

Employee Attendance

Utility Tracker

Buy and Sell

Document & Image Library

Bank & Cash

Resident Profiles

Maintenance & Work Orders

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